Board and Annual Membership Meetings

Board and Annual Membership Meetings

Annual Membership Meeting

The annual meeting of the membership is held during the weekend of the Montana Masters SCY Championships, held in March or early April.  All registered members and guests are welcome to attend.

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Annual Budget Meeting

Budget Meeting 2021 12/12

Board Meetings

The Montana Masters Swimming Committee is the governing body of Montana Masters Swimming.  We are the Local Master Swimming Committee of U.S. Masters Swimming for this area.  The Board is composed of the organization’s officers and club representatives. Meetings are held quarterly.  Meetings are usually by conference call with at least one face-to-face meeting each year.

All members of Montana Masters are welcome to attend any meeting.   The ability to dial in is available during conference call meetings.

Board Meeting Minutes

We are incorporated in the State of Montana as established by our Articles of Incorporation and governed by our bylaws.