Administration of the Montana Masters LMSC is performed by a Board of Directors (Board) consisting of elected officers and club representatives. The Board meets quarterly. These meetings are open to any member to attend.

We are incorporated in the State of Montana as established by our Articles of Incorporation and governed by our Bylaws.

Elected Officers

Elected officers are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Other voting positions are the Immediate Past President and representatives from the five largest LMSC Clubs.  Representatives from other Clubs and past presidents (other than the immediate) are ex-officio members of the Board with voice but no vote.

Voting Members

President: Donn Livoni 
Vice President: Richard Weber
Secretary: Edie Van Buskirk
Treasurer: Jeanne Ensign
Immediate Past President:  Jeanne Ensign
Club Rep, Big Sky Masters Swim Club (BSMT): Peggy Stringer
Club Rep, Bozeman Masters Swim Club (BOZE): Audrey Wooding
Club Rep, Kalispell Aquatic Team Swim (KATS): Marcie Bochman
Club Rep, Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers (FLOWS): Mark Johnston
Club Rep, MAC Missoula (MMMT): Brady Baughman

Non-Voting (Ex-Officio) Members

Membership coordinator: Audrey Wooding
Top Ten and Records: Open
Sanctions: Open
Webmaster: Janelle Munson-McGee
Coaches: Donn Livoni (Donn is also President)  Janelle Munson-McGee
Officials: Open
Open Water/Postals: Open
Other Past Presidents