Sharing stories during tough times can be a powerful tool.

The LMSC is making it a priority to shine some light on stories of hope, inspiration, and the strength to overcome. We recognize that with many of us out of the water, swimming may not be able to fix a lot of things in the world right now. The goal of this page is to recognize good things that have been happening. One story will be published here each week during the month of November. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness,” Desmond Tutu.

Below are stories about and written by Montana Masters swimmers.

February 2021

The Old Mill Pond in Westport, Connecticut

Title: Swimming Leads To … … … Adventures
By: Heather Grahame

Swimming is more than a sport; it is also a valuable skill that leads to adventures. Heather, is a member of the Helena Ridley’s Masters Club. While her swimming and lifeguard experience started in a tidal pond on the east coast, her skills took her to many places. She shares a few noteworthy episodes from her time teaching life-saving water safety skills in rural Alaska and competing in triathlons. Heater’s article celebrates and recognizes how overcoming her own fears about swimming opened so many doors in life.

Heather’s adventures are chronicled in her story below.

Swimming Leads to … … … Adventures

November 15 – 21, 2020

Lori’s Indie Triathlon at the Pond, July 19, 2020

Title: Bozeman Masters: A TRIumphant Journey!
By Lori Rosolowsky

Swimming has touched and changed all of our lives. Lori’s article is a memoir of her swimming journey. Her story starts in Pennsylvania and takes off when she joins the Bozeman Masters Swim Club. Lori’s story recognizes how everyone we interact with plays a part in our lives. We can all have a lasting impact on each other for the better.

Click the link below to read Lori’s Story

Bozeman Masters: A TRIumphant Journey

November 8 -14, 2020

Title: Peggy Stringer – 2020 Charlotte Sanddal Inspirational Swimmer Award Recipient
By Lydia Kuderna

Taking the time to celebrate inspirational people in our lives is important. When Lydia asked if we could share this article about why Peggy was selected to receive this award, we could not refuse. A few swimmers in Helena had a socially distanced celebration and award ceremony for her. Peggy has continually made contributions to her swimmers, programming, and at the LMSC levels of Masters Swimming. Now it is time to share about how one person can have a positive impact on many people.

Click the link below to read about Peggy’s impacts

Peggy Stringer – 2020 Charlotte Sanddal Inspirational Swimmer Award Recipient

November 1 – 7, 2021

Group photo of the COVID Ice Pops

Title: COVID Ice Pops A Lifeline for Helena Swimmer
By Peggy Stringer

Our first story is one from Helena. The Ridley Masters Swimming Group’s swimming sessions outdoors did a tremendous amount of good for everyone who participated. Peggy Stringer’s article features one of their member’s stories, Kathleen McElwain. From her workout group participation, to the state meet, to open water swimming, Kathleen’s story is full of positive accomplishments that deserve celebration. “Kathleen shows tremendous grit,” said Heather Grahame.

Click the link below to read about how Kathleen overcame obstacles and accomplished something in swimming that she never thought she could do.

COVID Ice Pops a Lifeline for Helena Swimmer

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