Swimming for Charlotte

Swimming for Charlotte

Beloved Montana Masters swimmer, Charlotte Sanddal, passed away on February 19th, 2024 at the age of 101. On the weekend of April 6-7th, swimmers from across the state had Charlotte in their hearts as they competed in the 2024 Montana Masters SCY Championship meet (a meet that Charlotte herself competed in just one year prior at age 100).

Charlotte was honored at the meet with a moment of silence, and at the social event after the first day of swimming, many stories were shared to help keep Charlotte’s legacy alive. Members of the Helena Ridleys workout group also showed off matching “Charlotte Shirts” to pay tribute to their late team member.

Charlotte was an inspiration to so many swimmers and, as someone who started swimming in her 70s, a true testament to the idea that it is never too late to try something new! Charlotte holds 94 masters records in the state of Montana, and has also been recognized on the national and global stage. Peggy Stringer, coach of the Helena Ridleys, shared the following on Charlotte, whom she thought of like a sister:

“The Helena Ridleys give out a traveling Charlotte Sanddal inspirational swimmer award annually to the most inspirational Ridley swimmer. Charlotte was the first swimmer to receive the award in 2017. The award is a silver wine cooler because Charlotte loved Chardonnay.  Some say her love for Chardonnay helped her live to 101, but the truth is swimming helped her live to be 101.

You always wanted Charlotte on your team. She swam as many events as possible and she usually placed first in her age group, scoring the most points for her team. Her swimming looked effortless, but she always worked hard. She swam all the hardest events.”

Thanks to everyone who swam for Charlotte, she will continue to serve as inspiration for long to come!

Helena Ridleys Team Photo
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