Club: Bozeman Masters Swim Club

Club: Bozeman Masters Swim Club

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  • April is Adult Learn-to-Swim Month - April is Adult-Learn-to-Swim Month, a national campaign to raise awareness to the problem of adult drowning and help people find quality swim lessons near them. For the third year in a row, the Bozeman Masters Swim Club, in conjunction with the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation, is offering swimming lessons for adults in the Bozeman area with little or no swimming skills. Lessons will be taught by experienced, adult swimmers who have been specifically trained to teach adults how to swim.… Continue Reading
  • Bozeman Masters Swim Club seeking head coach - The Bozeman Masters Swim Club is seeking a head coach. Here is a brief rundown of the duties: Write workouts appropriate for the skills and speeds of each workout group. Provide on-deck supervision and instruction at all workouts (currently three days a week) year-round. Facilitate record-keeping and fee collection. Head up membership recruitment and on-boarding activities. Keep the membership informed about schedules and club activities through email, club website, social media accounts and on-deck announcements. Attend most board meetings. Previous… Continue Reading