National Records and Results

National Records and Results

USMS has

USMS top 10 Summary for Montana: Top 10 Montana

USMS All American Swimmers in Montana: USMS All American Swimmers in Montana

USMS All Stars in Montana:  USMS All Stars in Montana


Short Course Meters Records 2016

Distance Records 2016 …Phillip Luebke,  Dec 27, 2016,

Short Course Yards Rec…Phillip Luebke, Mar 26, 2017,




2016 masters final results  .. Philip Luebke

final 2015 mm results.pdf Ellen Parchen, (109k) Apr 7, 2015,

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?Results or Records

Long Course Meters Re…Phillip Luebke,  Dec 27, 2016,
MONTANA MASTERS … Mark Johnston, Feb 18, 2015,
Short Course Meters R… Phillip Luebke,  Dec 27, 2016,
mm5results2017statere… Phillip Luebke,


Sanctioning Files

USMS Pool Length Cert…Mark Johnston, Jan 4, 2015,
USMS liability waiver.pdf Ellen Parchen, (40k) Dec 22, 2014,

LMSC Certified Pools.pdf Mark Johnston,  (182k)