C.1 Coaches – Info for coaches

C.1 Coaches – Info for coaches


The LMSC would like to help our coaches.  Here are some questions that may help us help you:

1) What kind of support and information do you need from other coaches?

2) Do you need ideas about good places to go for information to best serve your swimmers?

3) Which type of resource would be most useful to you – podcasts, readings, power points to share?

4) What topics do you wish USMS would cover for coaches?

5) Are you certified as a USMS coach? Are you interested in that training?

The LMSC Board is always looking for ways to create more resources for our swimmers, so they benefit fully from being a member.  Clinics can be scheduled when we have volunteers to help out.  If you would like to host a local clinic let your Club Rep or a Board member know and we can help with planning and provide resources.

UPCOMING USMS COACH CERTIFICATION COURSES: The USMS Coaches Committee and Education Services have developed four levels of Masters coach certification.  During 2018 USMS will be offering weekend Coach Certification courses in conjunction with clinics and ALTS certifications in 11 hub areas.  Offerings will be combined into full weekends.  Dates, locations and offerings are here.

You can find your coach listed here by typing in your club name (MM (now BSMT), BOZE, KATS, FLOW

Other Questions to Consider

1. Is your workout group ready to become an official workout group through USMS? There are great benefits for a nominal fee – banner, separate insurance, hosting Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) programs for non-USMS swimmers, in which your swimmers are the teachers of non-swimming adults.

2. Is everyone in your workout registered with USMS? Why not, if not?